Monday, January 7, 2013

The Wilderlands

Four Dwarves seeking adventure and excitement crawled from there hole into the grander world. There first two days away from the humble mines that there forefathers have mined for several generations have been quite eventful.

On the first day they came upon a Bandit group that was almost the death of them. They over came there enemy and gained a few brothers. This brought there warband back from the brick of destruction. They had heard from the elders of Clan Golden Hammer that the world was harsh and cruel, but what they found astounded them.

It had been several years since the elders brought down the caves, to keep the bandits out. They never thought they would see once proud Dwarfs marauding around the world killing and pillaging. The few surviving Dwarves where eager to join this mighty band with high hopes of a new world. They have hope that this small group will be able to give the Dwarven clan its pride and dignity back.

The next day they where attacked by a group of elves. They destroyed this group with ease. Dwarves do not much like elves and Borghild the Wise of Clan Golden Hammer wanted to dispatch the prisoners and be done with it. Drul, Gurngr, and Gunnarr talked him out of it. They decided to use the elves as cannon fodder in the next battle.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

House Rules

House Rules

May only advance to 14th Level
Assassin: Str 12, Dex 12, Int 12 Minimum attribute scores


May only advance to 13th Level


May only advance to 13th Level
Druid: Wis 12, Cha 14 Minimum attribute scores to become a Druid.

Fighters Parry ability

May only advance to 12th Level
Fighters must choose at the beginning  of combat if they will be fighting in parry mode. If they are then they must fight in parry mode for the rest of the combat. They may only use this ability if they have a dexterity of 14 or better; then see chart on page 14 of the complete rule book for bonuses. Plus any attack bonus they would have is now waved.

Magic User

May only advance to 16th Level

Magic User II Spell Chart

Level Number of Spells (by level)**
1 2 3 4 5 6
1   3/1 
2   4/2 
3   5/2   3/1
4   6/3   4/2
5   6/3   5/2   3/1
6   6/4   6/3   4/2
7   6/4   6/3   5/2   3/1
8   6/5   6/4   6/3   4/2
9   6/5   6/4   6/3   5/2   3/1
10 6/5   6/5   6/4   6/3   4/2
11 6/5   6/5   6/4   6/3   5/2   3/1
12 6/5   6/5   6/5   6/4   6/3   4/2
13 6/5   6/5   6/5   6/4   6/3   5/2
14 6/5   6/5   6/5   6/5   6/4   6/3
15 6/5   6/5   6/5   6/5   6/4   6/3
16 6/5   6/5   6/5   6/5   6/5   6/4
(the first # is spells known the second # is how many they can cast for that spell level.)
This version of the Magic User does not need a spell book to cast, nor do they have to remember spells. They have a natural knack for magic imbued in there genetics and are able to hard cast spells. They may use Cleric 1st to 3rd level or Magic User spells only. They have to roll to see what spells they know per spell level. For each spell of that level the Magic User II must roll there percentage based on the Intelligence chart Chance To Understand Spells. Those spells they have successfully learned are the spells they can have.
May only advance to the 16th level
Magic User II: Int 13, Wis 13 Minimum attribute scores


May only advance to 16th Level
Monk: Str 12, Dex 15, Wis 15 Minimum attribute scores
May only use there Deadly Strike ability if they are not using weapons.


May only advance to 12th Level
Paladin: Cha 17 Minimum attribute score


May only advance to 12th Level
Ranger: Con 15, Int 12, Wis 12 Minimum attribute scores


May only advance to 12th Level

Combat Rounds will be structured as follows:

1. Surprise and/or other circumstances
2. Whom ever has the highest Dex Score begins the combat round.
3. Declaration of Spells, Movement, and First Ranged
4. First attacks for Melee
5. Spells fire
6. All  secondary  attacks.
7. Any held actions take affect.
8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 until combat has been decided.

Criticals and Fumbles

On a natural 20 the damage will be doubled. On a natural 1 very bad things will happen.

House Rules(Spells and Scrolls)

All Level 8 and level 9 spells will be found on Scrolls.

Scroll of Enchantment
Magic user 6
Range: Touch
duration: See below
area of effect: One
component cost: Depends on what is being created. It will also cost you experience to create things.
casting time: 1d8+2 days
Saving throw: See below
This spell is the culminating moment involved in the creation of a true magic item, when the item is actually infused with the magic properties it has been painstakingly prepared to hold. Before the spell can actually be cast, the magic user must engage in considerable time-consuming and meticulous work, or the spell will certainly fail. Firstly, the item itself must be of absolutely the finest quality available, in terms of craftsmanship, although it need not necessarily be fancy. In most cases, special components such as powders or threads will be incorporated into the item’s construction, costing not less than 100 gp. The casting of the spell takes 1d8+2 days, with the caster working steadily upon the item for eight hours per day. No other spells may be cast during this period of time, nor can the magic user engage in any other meaningful work. When the final words of the spell are spoken, the item makes a saving throw against spells at the same level as the magic user, but with success on the saving throw indicating that the spell has succeeded. A natural result of 1 on this roll always indicates failure of the spell. At this point, the magic user may begin to infuse the item with enchantments, each of which requires 5d8 hours to complete. Most magic items will require unusual components; dragon scales or blood for a sword with an unusually high bonus against dragons, for example. The GM will determine exactly what is required for any particular magic item. This spell is not permanent unless a permanency spell is cast upon it; the duration of the enchantment may be for a year or more without a permanency spell, but the enchantment will eventually fail if it is not locked in to the item.


Burning Hands
Magic user 1
Range: 3FT
duration: 1 round
area of effect: Fan of flame 3 ft long in a 120-degree arc
Saving throw: None
While casting this spell, the magic user touches his or her thumbs together, and a sheet of flame explodes from his or her fingers to burn opponents within the spell’s short (3 ft) range. The flames inflict 1 hp of damage per caster level (no saving throw applies). Any combustible items caught in the sheet of flame must pass a saving throw against normal fire or be destroyed.

Cone of Cold
Magic user 5
Range 0
duration: Instantaneous
area of effect: Cone 5 ft long per level, 1 ft radius at base per level
Saving throw: Half
A cone of cold is a blast of magical cold originating from the caster’s outstretched hand. The cone inflicts 1d4+1 hit points per level of the caster. All unprotected items in the area of effect may be destroyed if they fail item saving throws.

Enchanted Weapon (Reversible)
Magic user 4
Range: Touch
duration: 5 rounds/ level
area of effect: See below
With a touch of his or her hand, the magic user creates a weak and temporary enchantment upon a full sized weapon, or upon two smaller weapons such as arrows, bolts, or daggers. The enchantment lends no bonus to hit, but may be used to strike creatures that can be hit only with a magical weapons.(You may add a damage bonus and elemental bonus to weapon, among other things; DMs discretion)

Feign Death
Magic user 3
Range: Touch
area of effect: One creature
Saving throw: None; willing recipient only
This spell magically slows the recipient’s metabolism into a state so close to death that it is impossible to distinguish the en-spelled person from a corpse by any means other than magical. The recipient can hear, smell, and think; the senses of touch and sight no longer function. Damage caused to the pseudo-corpse is reduced by one half, and the spell’s recipient will not even know that the damage has been caused—potentially a dangerous situation. A person under the infl uence of this spell is not subject to level draining by the undead and will not be affected by poisons until the spell wears off or is otherwise removed; the caster can remove the catalepsy at will, and the spell is subject to being dispelled.

Fire Shield
level: Magic user 4
Range: Caster
area of effect: Caster
Saving throw: None
Pale flames envelope the caster upon the completion of this spell, rendering him or her protection against either fi re or cold based attacks, depending upon whether the magic user elects to wreath him or herself in cold flame or hot flame. Cold flame grants the magic user a +2 bonus on any saving throw vs fire damage, also guaranteeing half damage (or no damage against all fi re attacks that allow a saving throw for half dam-age) provided the saving throw is successful. If the magic user fails a saving throw against a cold based attack, however, he or she will suffer twice the normal damage. Hot flame offers the converse of the protections afforded by cold flame. Cold based attacks receive a bonus of +2 on saving throws and guarantee level that the caster receives only half damage (or none at all) if his or her saving throw is successful against attacks that would cause full or half damage.

Flame Arrow
level: Magic user 3
Range: Touch
area of effect: Arrows or bolts
Saving throw: None
By means of this spell, the magic user may enchant one arrow per segment, causing it to burst into normal flame. The enchanted arrows have no bonus to hit, and the enchantment is not powerful enough to hit a creature that can be damaged only by magical weapons. Each arrow causes 1 hp of fi re damage in addition to its normal damage. The arrows (or crossbow bolts) will burn up in one round, so they must be shot before this time.

Freezing Sphere
Magic user 6
Range: See below
area of effect: See below
Saving throw: See below
This spell may be employed in one of three different forms, depending upon the words and material component used during casting. At the time of memorisation, the magic user need not specify which will be used; these are alternate uses of the same spell, not different versions of it.

Ice seed: conjures a sphere of an intensely cold magical substance that freezes water to a depth of 6 inches over a surface area 100 square ft/ caster level. The ice is thick enough to walk upon without fear of falling through. The duration of the ice is 1 round/ level. The material component for this use is a piece of crystal.

Ice ray: a ray of cold lances from the caster’s hand, inflicting 4 hp/ caster level against anything in its path. A successful saving throw results in no damage. Even if the ray strikes an object, it continues on the other side until it has extended 10 ft/ caster level or is stopped by a thickness of stone of 1 ft or more. The material component for this use is a gem worth 1,000 gp.

Shattering globe: the spell forms a globe one inch in diameter, cold but not uncomfortable to the touch. When this sphere is thrown (by hand or sling), it will explode upon impact for 4d6 hit points of damage within a 10 ft radius (half if save vs spells). If not used within 1 round/ caster level, it will explode at the time its duration ends. The material component for this use is also a gem worth 1,000 gp.

Globe of Invulnerability
Magic user 6
Range: 0
duration: 1 round/ level
area of effect: Sphere, 5 ft radius
Saving throw: None
This spell creates a spherical shield, impermeable to spells. Protects against spells level 1-4.

Mnemonic Enhancement
Magic user 4
Range: Caster
duration: 24 hours
area of effect: Caster
Saving throw: None
This spell enhances the magic user’s precision of memory, allowing him or her to retain up to three additional spell levels in his or her mind (3 fi rst level, 1 first and one second level, or 1 third level). The spell may be used for memorisation, or may be used to hold onto the memory of a spell just cast. The spell components are expensive, costing at least 100 gp, and might not be available in rural communities.

Polymorph Others
Magic user 4
Range: 60'
Duration: See below
Saving throw: See below
A most powerful spell, it will change any living creature into another living creature. While in a new form, the victim will gain only the locomotion of the new shape, retaining all his mental faculties(though not necessarily being able to speak or cast spells!) When in the new form the victim will not have any of the special abilities of the creature transformed to; this includes innate spell casting, breath weaponry, paralyzation (such as that of
ghouls) or turn to stone (as if a Medusa or Basilisk). Unwilling victims that make their Save throw avoid
the change. Otherwise the spell lasts until dispelled or the creature dies.

Secret Chest
Magic user 5
Range: See below
duration: 60 days
area of effect: One chest or box, 12 cubic ft
Saving throw: None
This spell allows the magic user to shift a magically crafted treasure chest into the æthereal plane, where it will be safe from those who might seek to steal the caster’s possessions. The chest itself must be crafted of the finest materials in order to support the spell’s magic, and it will cost a minimum of 5,000 gp to have a craftsman or craftsmen build it, together with a second, miniature copy. When the magic user casts the spell, one hand upon the chest and one upon the miniature, the chest disappears into the æthereal plane, together with its contents. These contents may be up to one cubic foot of material per caster level (and no more than this) regardless of the chest’s actual volume. If the chest contains any living matter, there is a 75% chance that the spell will completely fail, although if it should succeed, the living creature will be imprisoned in the æthereal plane until freed. The caster (and only the caster) can use the miniature chest to pull the larger one from the æther wherever he or she might be. It is possible, although not likely, that some æthereal creature or æthereal traveller might happen upon the chest while it is in the æthereal plane. So long as the chest remains in the æthereal plane, the magic user will still be able to retrieve it (although it may have been looted). No creature on the material plane has any chance using any magic known to humanity to locate a secret chest that has been hidden in the æthereal plane by means of this spell. After the spell duration expires, there is a cumulative 1 in 20 chance per day that the spell’s link to the chest will fail, and the chest will be irrecoverable.

Spider Climb
Magic user 1
Range: Touch
duration: 1 round + 1 round/ level
area of effect: One creature
Saving throw: None
When the magic user casts this spell, the recipient’s bare hands and feet become sticky enough to allow him or her to climb walls and even crawl along a ceiling. The movement rate for such climbing is 30 ft per round. The subject of this spell will find it difficult to employ tools or handle small objects with precision while the spell is in effect.

Stinking Cloud
Magic user 2
Range: 30 ft
duration: 1 round/ level
area of effect: 20 ft radius spherical cloud
Saving throw: See below
This spell creates a nauseating cloud of vapours to billow forth in a location chosen by the caster. All creatures caught within (or later entering) the noxious cloud must make saving throws. Any creature failing to save will be completely unable to act for 1d4+1 rounds, falling to the ground retching and gagging (treated as stunned). A creature that succeeds in making the saving throw may move from within the cloud and be free of the effects after only one round of gasping fresh air (again, being treated as stunned for this round). Even creatures that succeed in making a saving throw cannot do anything within the cloud other than to leave as fast as possible.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This is your character Development Center

This post is the one I would like my players to respond to when making there proposals or general response to what there character is doing during the gaps between game play. I hope that you all have fun with this and become closer to your character. Thank you for taking your time to develop your character and his/her many different or lessor personas. Please more importantly have some fun...

The effects of what happens will not affect the campaign you are in on game nights. They will take affect before the next campaign. Unless other wise agreed upon by DM and group.

This is not related to game night games. This is to help gain a persona and not just a guy that shows up.

You may pay for training during this period of time to increase your Experience. This, how every, is extremely costly.

You may buy hirelings and use them for your general tasks, train them, and many other things.

It is ok to receive help from other characters whom would like to help you with your tasks. This however is not necessary nor mandatory.

You must have some where to house your hirelings before you can hire them. You may want to think as a group of a home town. If you would like to use the Barony of Haden, which is where you are now then that is exceptable. Just let me know. This will be where your gold and home base will be.

If there is anything else you feel I should add please feel free to let me know.