Monday, January 7, 2013

The Wilderlands

Four Dwarves seeking adventure and excitement crawled from there hole into the grander world. There first two days away from the humble mines that there forefathers have mined for several generations have been quite eventful.

On the first day they came upon a Bandit group that was almost the death of them. They over came there enemy and gained a few brothers. This brought there warband back from the brick of destruction. They had heard from the elders of Clan Golden Hammer that the world was harsh and cruel, but what they found astounded them.

It had been several years since the elders brought down the caves, to keep the bandits out. They never thought they would see once proud Dwarfs marauding around the world killing and pillaging. The few surviving Dwarves where eager to join this mighty band with high hopes of a new world. They have hope that this small group will be able to give the Dwarven clan its pride and dignity back.

The next day they where attacked by a group of elves. They destroyed this group with ease. Dwarves do not much like elves and Borghild the Wise of Clan Golden Hammer wanted to dispatch the prisoners and be done with it. Drul, Gurngr, and Gunnarr talked him out of it. They decided to use the elves as cannon fodder in the next battle.

This is where I leave you for now is time for sleep...

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